Clothes For Sale


Pick up or Drop off of items

Encore Chic offers a local pick-up service. Please email us when you have items ready to be picked up:

Due to COVID, it will be a non-contact pick-up. For a non-contact pick-up, please arrange for the clothes to be left on a porch, or with a doorman, as we will not come into your home.

1. What is Encore Chic looking for? 

We will accept any of the following: the season now is SUMMER

1. Clothes - dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, tops, blouses, sweaters, jackets, suits
2. Purses and handbags and wallets
3. Accessories - scarves, hats, hairbands

4. Jewellery, costume or real - earrings, clip-on, or pierced, necklaces, bracelets, nose or belly rings 
5. Shoes - sandals, heels, flats, wedges, etc.
6. Lingerie – but ONLY if it has the tag still attached and has not been worn

Encore Chic is looking for items from both everyday designers like Jigsaw, Anne Klein, Massimo Dutti, and Nine West, and high-end designers like Burberry, Prada, Chanel and Gucci. We will not accept items from H&M, Gap, Zara (unless a special collection item), INC, etc. 


2. Condition of items to be consigned with Encore Chic

Your items must be clean, really clean and in great condition. Please do not include damaged items such as items with rips or tears or holes, stains, missing buttons, missing belts, broken zippers, heels that need resoling, shoes or boots which are scuffed, clasps which don’t work. Sadly, we will have to throw damaged items into the garbage as they will not be suitable for donation either. Due to COVID pet fever, many of us have pets now. Please make sure your items are not covered in pet hair. Finally, we will only accept items from smoke-free homes.

All bags, boxes, or bundles must include your name, email and telephone numbers, as well as your permission to donate or instructions to call you to come pick up unselected items. If there is no identification, the clothes will be sold without commission to you.

3. Encore Chic reserves the right to not sell damaged items

There are a number of reasons why we may choose to not sell an item. The most common is the poor condition of the item. Please see #2. Encore Chic reserves the right to judge whether an item is in good enough condition to be sold to the public and if it falls into one of the categories we are selling. If we choose not to sell an item, we will take one of the below three actions:

1. We will give the item back to you (if you have let us know this is what you want when you drop off the item)
2. We will donate the item to charity (if it’s in good condition)
3. We will dispose of it

4. Commission

Consignee will receive 40% of the price the item sells for everyday designer items. For high end items like Gucci, Chanel, Prada etc then the commission will be 50% of the price the item sells for.

Every 60 days, an accounting will be done of your items. Payments will be made by etransfer/interac by the 5th day of the next month. Because of the high number of consignees, we will not be able to give each of you updates on how your items are selling. You can check the website as we will post OUT OF STOCK OR SOLD OUT on items which have sold for two weeks after the sale.

5.  Price and Authenticity

We pride ourselves on being able to determine the going price of clothing, shoes/boots, and accessories. However, you can help us determine a fair market value by including one or all of the following with your items:

1. Original receipts,
2. Sales tags
3. Boxes/dust bags,
4. Certificates of authenticity or other documentation which can contribute to the authentication of your item.

Our reputation is based on knowing the true authenticity of the items we sell. We reserve the right to refuse to sell an item where the authenticity is in question.

6. Length of Sales Period

Encore Chic will sell your items for up to two months. Encore Chic reserves the right to discount the price of any item which has not sold within the first six weeks. If the items do not sell within two months, the item will be removed from the website and donated to local women shelters and/or Dress for Success, unless you have made a special arrangement to come pick up your items.

7. Seasonality


Spring and Summer items will be accepted in mid-January, February, March, April, May, and June.

Fall and Winter items will be accepted in late June, July, August, September, October, November and will go onto the website in August. (No pick ups during the two weeks of July 10-24). 

PLEASE NOTE: Encore Chic is sorry but if you include items that are out of season, we will have to donate them because we simply do not have the warehouse space to keep items for the next seasons. That said, if you are unsure of the season your item fits into, you can attach a tag to that particular item and we will give you the opportunity to come pick it up if it’s the wrong season.

8. Donations

Encore Chic is very committed to helping out local charities which are looking for women’s clothing. If you have (clean and not ripped or torn) clothes that do not fit the criteria to sell at Encore Chic please put them in a separate bag and we will donate them for you, to Dress for Success, or Renaissance, or Village de Valeur. Encore Chic will be collecting winter coats for Chez Doris in the fall so please hold on to those for now. Ecore Chic will also be a drop-off point for Shoes for Schools in October.